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Find heaven on the high street at your local Sue Ryder shop

Did you know there are over 450 Sue Ryder charity shops? Our first shop opened in London during the 1950s and since then we’ve expanded across the UK. Our shops range from small village based shops and high street branches, to out of town superstores and specialist shops.  In fact, there’s probably one just down the road from where you live.  

Nurse revalidation: box ticking exercise or model for best practice?

Sir Robert Francis recommended nurse revalidation be implemented more than two years’ ago and today marks the day that it will be finally fully implemented across the UK. At Sue Ryder, we welcome nurse revalidation and firmly believe it is an important process which will help to further improve and maintain standards of nursing across the UK.

What to expect when someone important to you is dying

Today the National Council for Palliative Care (NCPC) is publishing a guide that helps prepare people on what to expect when someone is dying.

An open letter to the person who burgled our Cheltenham charity shop

We often wonder what sort of person steals from a charity...

Talking about "a good death" on BBC Radio 4

On Saturday 3 January, two Nurses from our Nettlebed Hospice were visited by the BBC. They were interviewed by Paddy O’Connell for his Broadcasting House programme to talk about a very topical conversation taking place at the moment, following Dr Richard Smith's blog in the British Medical Journal. His blog has created a lot of conversation - stating that Cancer "is the best way to die" - and his blog has recently received a lot of coverage in the media. 

Stephen Lock shares his story

Stephen very kindly agreed to let us share his family’s experiences to help us talk about the importance of access to expert 24 hour support, and to campaign about how important this is to people who are dying, their family and their carers. He also spoke at the Parliamentary launch of our campaign.

Midnight walk for Sue Ryder

Oliver took part in our Starlight Hike at St John's Hospice. He's kindly written about the experience.

Guest blog: Therapeutic storytelling in early years bereavement

Have you noticed how a child reacts if you ask them directly, ‘How do you feel about Granny dying?’ Most likely they will look away from you, change the subject, or just shrug and say, ‘Don’t know’. These are typical reactions from children whose cognitive capacity has not yet developed to the stage where they can understand and verbally articulate their feelings, like adults.

What you should never say to someone who has been bereaved

Everyone has a unique experience when someone close to them has died, and each person finds their own way through their feelings.  As well as sadness and pain, there are also feelings of guilt, anger, resentment and confusion, and often a reassessment of the past or uncertainty about the future.

How volunteering has helped me

In this post, volunteer Emily shares how volunteering has helped her to transform her life.