Adjustments at Sue Ryder

At Sue Ryder, equity, diversity and inclusion are at the core of our values and we want to do everything possible to help you perform at your best, whether that's when you interview or in your new role if you're successful.

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Interview adjustments

We recognise that some people will need adjustments to make the interview process inclusive and fair, and we’re very happy to facilitate that as much as we possibly can.

Examples of adjustments we could provide for you include, but are not limited to:

  • Accessibility support or adjustments to make you more physically comfortable or able during the interview.
  • Communication support or adjustments - this could include receiving documents in an alternative format or putting subtitles on our video calls.
  • Providing themes of the questions before the interview or providing written questions during the interview.
  • Allocating additional time to complete assessments, give presentations and/or consider questions during an interview.
  • Sharing additional information about the interview location or accessibility considerations.

Helping you to perform at your best

You do not have to have a registered disability or condition to ask for an adjustment, and if you do have a disability or condition, you don’t have to share that with us. If there is something in your life that creates a barrier in applying or attending a job interview, such as caring responsibilities or religious commitments, we are able to work with you flexibly to find a solution that works.

We will try our best to make you feel comfortable during our interviews, but we know that they can feel intimidating. Please feel free to do what you need to make yourself more comfortable in the interview. This could include bringing notes with you or taking notes throughout the interview. 

If you are successful in the process, we’ll then work with you to assess your needs and make adjustments that’ll ensure that your success continues in your new role with us.

Get in touch

If you require any adjustments please contact our Recruitment team at with the job reference number in the subject line of your email.

We will then get in touch for a confidential discussion with you about how we can adapt our interview processes to best support your needs. Please know that asking for a reasonable adjustment will not impact our decision-making process.

Workplace adjustments

We’ve found that people who need adjustments but haven’t been given them have a disproportionately negative experience in our workplace. That’s why, in September 2022, we launched our Inclusion Passport.

Our Inclusion Passport

Our Inclusion Passport is designed to help colleagues explore their own needs and guide honest and supportive conversations with line managers. It allows people to make their manager aware of anything that’s happening in their life that might require workplace adjustments.

The passport exists to help our staff thrive at work. For example, it may enable a colleague to successfully continue working while managing a health condition or caring for a loved one. The passport also reduces the need for conversations to be repeated and arrangements to be re-agreed if they change managers. 

When we launched the passport, we ran a session covering what the passport includes, instructions about how to use it, and guidance for line managers. We also ran drop-in sessions to support both colleagues who wish to use the passport and their line managers. 

We did this because the aim of the passport is two-fold: it is for colleagues who want to have a conversation with their manager about what support they need to be happy and fulfilled at work, and it is for managers who have a responsibility to understand, engage with, and it. 

We believe the Inclusion Passport acts as a crucial step in our inclusion journey, and its availability means that everyone here at Sue Ryder can access the right support for them. 

Guidance for managers

We are also preparing guidance for managers and colleagues so that they know where to go to get specific equipment or software that may be required to provide the adjustment that an individual needs. This will be available shortly.

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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
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