Our research

We carry out research projects and gather views from our service users to develop our policy positions in order to shape policy at a national and local level.

Palliative Care

Enablers for end-of-life care: Key recommendations for commissioning and delivering better end-of-life care within Integrated Care Systems. Download

Sue Ryder has collaborated with the social-purpose consultancy Traverse and colleagues from across the palliative and end of life care (PEoLC) sector to publish this summary paper.

With the introduction of Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) this July and the release of guidance for Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) on their statutory responsibilities for delivery of PEoLC services, this piece of work looks to further improve how the ICS system can work in practice.

Modelling Demand and Costs for Palliative Care Services in England Download

The palliative care sector is facing rising demand for its services and there are growing concerns about its financial sustainability. Financial pressure on the independent hospice sector was already increasing, but the coronavirus pandemic brought almost all fundraising activities to a halt, with a substantial loss in income. This report from London Economics sets out the projected costs of palliative care provision over the next decade, and proposes a range of government funding scenarios.

Human Rights in End of Life Care (England) Download                       (Scotland) Download 

While there is consensus that everyone has the right to palliative or end of life care, this does not always translate into end of life care that respects an individual’s rights. These papers set out our policy positions and offer recommendations, in England and in Scotland respectively, for change in order to embed a human rights approach to end of life care.

Neurological care

Community Rehabilitation: Live Well for Longer Download

Teaming up with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, the Royal College of Occupational Therapy and a coalition of other charities and organisations we called on the Government to ensure everyone has a right to rehab. Our joint report warns that failing to provide these services can have devastating consequences for people’s lives, and bring greater costs for the NHS and social care systems. We call for universal access for high quality, person-centred community rehabilitation services.

Time to Get it Right: The provision of health and social care services for people with neurological conditions in England Download

We commissioned a Freedom of Information (FOI) request to all Local Authorities in England asking about their services for people with neurological conditions. This report makes recommendations to policymakers on how to improve care and support for people with neurological conditions.

Bereavement support

A better route through grief: Support for people facing grief across the UK Download 

This research surveyed over 8,500 bereaved people and has revealed a number of gaps in bereavement support across the UK and has demonstrated the need to improve access to and awareness of bereavement support. Based on these findings we are calling on the Government and health decision-makers to commit to creating a formalised pathway to bereavement support, that accounts for individual need.

Grief in the workplace: How employers can provide better bereavement support Download

We believe that as a society, there is much more that can be done when it comes to improving our approach to grief. This report considers the impact of bereavement on both employees and the economy and provides evidence-based recommendations to employers to help them provide better bereavement support.

Life After Death: Supporting Carers After Bereavement (Scotland) Download

For many when their caring role ends so does the vital support they receive from benefits and tax credits, peer support, and even their identity as a carer, as well as their purpose. This report with Reform Scotland and Marie Curie offers a set of clear and pragmatic policy proposals for the Scottish Government.

We are always keen to speak to people about their experiences of palliative, neurological and bereavement support so please do get in touch if you have anything to share with us that may help us in our influencing work.

Enablers for end-of-life care: Key recommendations for commissioning and delivering better end-of-life care within Integrated Care Systems.