Support for young carers

Are you under 18 years old? Do you look after someone who is dying – your mum or dad, grandparents, brother or sister or maybe another relative, friend or neighbour? As a young carer, we have advice and information on who you can talk to for support, balancing your care duties with your own life and your rights as a young carer.

Be involved as much as you want to

As a young carer it is really important you can be involved as much as you want to be, you understand what is happening and you are able to get information when you need it.

But it is also really important that you balance your caring with your own life, going to school, meeting friends and doing sports or other hobbies you enjoy. If you give up any of those things it will have a big impact on your future and the person you look after wouldn’t want this to happen.

If you are struggling to balance things or are worried about anything there are lots of people you can talk to and lots of help you can get – you mustn’t be scared to ask for help. The best place to start is your local young carers project.

You can find your nearest young carers project by searching the Children’s Society national database using your postcode address or a county search. They will explain the support you can receive, and may even be able to talk to professionals with you or on your behalf.

Your needs and rights

Just like adult carers get an assessment of their needs you can also have one as a young carer. Someone will visit and talk to you about the care you give and any help you might need. You can always have someone with you during this assessment.

You can read more about how the assessment works on the NHS Choices website.