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Charity of the year

By partnering with Sue Ryder, you'll be helping us to continue providing our palliative care and bereavement support, and helping people live the best life they possibly can.

If you're thinking about nominating Sue Ryder, we've got some handy tips and information to help get your nomination noticed.

If you’ve nominated us as your workplace’s chosen charity, please let us know by emailing

We’re thrilled to partner with Sue Ryder having found real synergy between HomeServe and Sue Ryder’s values, goals and objectives. At the heart of both our organisations is a desire and motivation to help people in their homes.

Greg Shelton, Charity and Community Manager at HomeServe

What to say to get your nomination noticed

Suggested text if we cared for someone close to you in a Sue Ryder hospice

Sue Ryder is a charity that cared for my family member/friend, and they are there for people when it matters. One in four families are not able to access the end-of-life care they need but working with Sue Ryder, our company can help to change this.

[Organisation name] will be helping families through the most difficult times of their lives and filling someone's last days with love.

Suggested text if we supported you through a bereavement

Sue Ryder helps hundreds of thousands of people who are grieving through a range of vital services, meaning people can get the right support at the right time. I am passionate about helping them reach more people, and our charity partnership could do just that. Please join me in calling for better grief support for all, and support Sue Ryder.

Explain why is Sue Ryder important to you

Sharing your own personal connection to our care can be really powerful when reaching out to your colleagues. They may have had similar experiences and connect to your story. Even if they haven't, your personal link to the work Sue Ryder does can really help strengthen your nomination.

Explain why Sue Ryder needs your support

Did you know that the government provides only one third of the funding that hospices need and we receive no funding for our bereavement services? Your organisation's partnership could make a real difference to the number of people we are able to support.

Help us be there when it matters

If you’ve nominated us to become your charity of the year, please let us know using the details below.

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Bereavement awareness
Grief costs the UK economy £23bn a year through reduced productivity. We can help you make sure employees feel supported in the workplace and meet their full potential.
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Corporate volunteering
You can support Sue Ryder's work by offering your staff the chance to volunteer in one of our care services or shops.
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Strategic partnerships
Truly transformation partnerships can help us get closer to achieving our mission, while helping to achieve your own business objectives.