Post-acute rehabilitation

Our level 2 post-acute rehabilitation provides specialist programmes of intensive therapy over a period of approximately 3 months to people with acquired brain injuries.

Our inter-disciplinary team work to promote functional independence through:

  • Physical Rehabilitation through exercise, balance, postural control, fatigue and spasticity management.
  • Re-enablement through equipment to aid independence, skills development, re-training programmes and practical support.
  • Rehabilitation for patients with cognitive and communication difficulties who need support to regain abilities.
  • Support with home visits, discharge planning to return home or selection of long-term placements.
  • Self-Management and support for family carers – planning for any longer term issues such as feeding, tracheostomy care and continence management.

We measure progress in neurological rehabilitation using methods approved by UK ROC (UK Rehabilitation Outcome Collaborative) such as Northwick Park and Fim/Fam.

Referrals and enquiries

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