Update an existing Will

If you already have a Will, you can easily make a simple change to include Sue Ryder.

Update your will guide - cover on blue

Easily update your Will

Find out how to update your Will in our free guide. Included is a Codicil form and guidance about how to use it to amend your Will. Available online or by post.

Writing, rewriting or updating?

If you want to make more than one change, or a complicated change to your Will, it may be advisable to rewrite it, rather than update it. For this you'll probably need the help of a professional.

Take a look at our free gifts in Wills guide for information on how to do this. This guide will also help if you're thinking about your Will for the first time.

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Use our Free Wills Services
Sue Ryder offers special schemes that enable you to update or make your Will for free, either online, on the telephone or by visiting a local solicitor.
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The difference your gift will make
When leaving a gift to Sue Ryder in your Will, you can be confident you are making a meaningful difference.
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Order your free gifts in Wills guide
Download or order a copy of our free guide to leaving a gift in your Will to Sue Ryder.