Terms and conditions - Sue Ryder Free Will offer - National Free Wills Network

Gifts in Wills are hugely important to the future of Sue Ryder’s work and by offering a free Will service we hope to encourage more people to consider leaving us a gift in their Will.

  1. When you sign up to the Sue Ryder-National Free Will Network offer, Sue Ryder will pass your details to the Free Will network so that they can fulfil your request. The Free Will Network will only use your data for the purposes of fulfilling your request for a free Will. You can review the National Free Will Network’s privacy policy here.
  2. In order to have your Will written for free you must choose a solicitor from the list provided by Free Will Network. Sue Ryder recommends that also you do your own independent research (this could include recommendations from a friend and family or online reviews and consulting the Law Society website) and only select a solicitor from the list if you feel satisfied with the quality of their service.

    You will also be supplied with a Confidential Declaration Form by the Free Will Network (usually a yellow form), all sections of the form must be completed by your solicitor and signed by you in order for the Free Will Network to pay the solicitor’s fee on behalf of Sue Ryder, the Free Will Network will then invoice Sue Ryder a prearranged fee.
  3. Sue Ryder will not write your Will, the solicitor you choose will write you Will according to your instructions and you will enter into a direct contractual relationship with the solicitor.

    The solicitor will act exclusively in your interest and will work in line with the relevant codes and regulations governing solicitors. The solicitor will keep your instructions confidential except for the disclosure of information contained on the Confidential Declaration Form, which is part of the terms of the Free Will Offer. Neither the Free Will Network nor Sue Ryder will impose any restriction as to the contents of the Will prepared for you.
  4. It is not a condition of the Sue Ryder free Will offer that a gift must be included for Sue Ryder in a Will paid for by Sue Ryder.

    However it is a condition that the Confidential Declaration Form must be fully completed and if this is not the case you may be liable for the legal fee. Details included in the Confidential Declaration Form about gifts included to Sue Ryder will be made available to Sue Ryder.

    Sue Ryder is committed to respecting and protecting any personal information we obtain about you, whether you’re a supporter, a service user, a shopper, a volunteer or a campaigner. Please see our privacy policy.
  5. The legal fees agreed with the Free Will Network solicitors are for simple single Wills and simple mirror Wills and for updating existing simple Wills. Should the solicitor find, during the drawing up of a Will, that the requirements are more complex than a simple Will, they are entitled to ask you to pay the difference between their normal fee for a simple Will and the actual fee, so the simple Will element is always free when using the Free Will Network.
  6. All solicitors taking part in the National Free Will Network are either members of the Law Society of England & Wales and are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority; are members of the Law Society of Scotland and are subject to the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission; are members of the Law Society of Northern Ireland and are subject to the Solicitors’ Practice Regulations; are members of the Jersey Law Society; or are members of the Guernsey Bar. The Network and Sue Ryder are registered under the 2018 Data Protection Act.
  7. Sue Ryder excludes all liabilities, losses, damages, claims, costs and expenses arising as a result of your use of the services provided by the Free Will Network other than where and to the extent that such liability cannot by law be limited or excluded.
  8. Sue Ryder reserves the right to pause or cease offering the Free Will Service at any time.
  9. If you wish to leave a gift in your Will to Sue Ryder, please include the charity’s registered charity number and postal address:
  • Sue Ryder First Floor, Kings House, King Street, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 2ED
  • Registered Charity numbers - 1052076 (England & Wales) and SCO39578 (Scotland)

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