Sign up for Gift Aid

When you donate money to Sue Ryder, you can make it worth more, at no extra cost to you, by signing up to Gift Aid.

How does Gift Aid work?

We will claim Gift Aid of 25p for every eligible £1 donated, in the period covered by your declaration.

If you would like to know the amount of Gift Aid claimed on your donations, please let us know by calling 0808 164 4572 or emailing

Please note: our declarations usually cover all donations that you have made in the four years prior to the date of your declaration and any donations in the future, until you notify us otherwise.

If you would like to change how you hear from us in future or opt out of any communications, please get in touch by phoning 0808 164 4572 or email

How do I sign up?

If you pay tax on the money you donate to us, complete the online form below and we will do the rest.

Alternatively, post us your completed Gift Aid declaration form.

Download our Gift Aid declaration form

Sign up for Gift Aid