Zero to hero in six weeks: Henry's half marathon challenge

Can you really go from couch to half marathon in 39 days? Our Events Fundraiser and Team Incredible Captain Henry Fleming is attempting just that – despite not having even touched his trainers in months... Join him as he starts his training for the Royal Parks Half next month.

Henry and his girlfriend Zoe taking on the Reading Half last year.

Hi, I’m Henry! I’m one of the Team Captains here at Sue Ryder and it’s my job to help our supporters taking on challenge events to have the best experience they possibly can.

I was absolutely not a runner before I started working in the team, but was convinced to take on the Royal Parks Half a couple of years back, and since then I’ve done a couple of half marathons and a few 10Ks – enough to keep me ticking over.

Six weeks to glory

This time though, it’s a bit different: zero to hero in six weeks is the goal. Eek.

I decided that I was going to run the Royal Parks Half again (take a look at my now ancient previous blog posts to see how I got on with that); however, this time I’ve managed to give myself even less time to train, and I'm starting from an even worse point as far as my fitness goes.

I like running, I really do, but I realised a little while ago that I’d been running for all the wrong reasons and, as a result, had stopped doing it to the point where yesterday’s 5.5K at lunch was my first outing in a couple of months.

"For me, having an event to train for is key"

I know a lot of people who are all addicted to running and couldn’t imagine not going two, three or more times each week – I find it VERY easy to not lace up the trainers. For me, having an event in the calendar that I have to train for is key – and the Royal Parks Half in October is a really nice one to look forward to.

Hopefully you’ll join me on my journey for the next six weeks or so, during which I’ll be talking about how I get on with all my training and what else I’m up to.

I’m not aiming for a PB, just to get round – and, more importantly, to enjoy the training process and the race itself.

Join Henry in a personal challenge

The Royal Parks Half is just one of many fantastic events that we’ve got places in each year.

I'm hoping that these words – or those that I’m yet to write?! – will inspire you to take on your own challenge, and consider doing so for Sue Ryder.

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Henry Fleming

National Events Fundraiser

Henry Fleming

I've been at Sue Ryder since June 2013, and my role is to make sure that you have the best experience possible as a member of Team Sue Ryder. I started running at the beginning of 2016 to improve my fitness, and now regularly take part in races, often alongside Team Sue Ryder runners!

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