Training for the Royal Parks Half in six weeks: the half way point

National Events Fundraiser Henry is three weeks into his Royal Parks Half Marathon training routine - and it's dawning on him that he doesn't have much time left to get race day-ready!

If this blog series is a bit new to you, the basic premise is that I’m writing about my experience of training, up from not running at all to tackling the Royal Parks Half Marathon in the space of six weeks. Take a look back over the previous first and second instalments.

So I’m now three weeks in – half way. And the realisation is beginning to dawn on me that I’ve got just three weeks left to get race-ready, and one of those will have to be a relaxed/tapering week! Eek!

Despite this, I feel like I’m getting on well. I’ve been keeping up with my lunchtime runs at work and getting some distance back in to my legs.

My progress so far

I took a couple of days off at the end of last week and on Friday I tackled what I thought would be an easy 12K along the towpath near my parents' house. It turns out you shouldn’t try and measure distance using your thumbs on a map; I ended up doing nearly 14km instead..!

In the grand scheme of things, 14km is not a long way; however, I’m incredibly happy with it considering I could barely run just 5km a couple of weeks ago. I even managed to tackle the solid hill that makes up the last 500m or so of the run! 

I’m hoping that there are some remnants of muscle memory that will help me up the distance again to the high teens of kilometres, and then I can have a nice short taper from there.

Don't underestimate the importance of stretching

I’ve been looking at lots of ways to improve my post-run stretching after my longer runs.

I've settled on some runner-specific yoga videos on YouTube (my colleague Rachel posted about this a couple of weeks back in the Team Incredible Facebook Group – if you're running for us, join up and take a look) and have also invested in a relatively cheap foam roller to keep everything loose in the days following the long runs.

With three weeks left, I’m looking forward to putting a bit more distance under my belt – though I must admit I'm starting to get a bit nervous about race day! 

I’m sure those nerves will be calmed once we get a bit closer to the event – assuming training all goes to plan, that is... It is a little off-putting for the time being, though.

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