Sue Ryder co-hosts Commission on Bereavement policy roundtable

Today Sue Ryder co-hosted a roundtable with thought leaders and professionals in the field of bereavement to discuss key themes of work for the recently formed bereavement commission.

Commission on Bereavement

The UK Commission on Bereavement is an independent group of charities, researchers and people with lived experience working together to explore issues around bereavement, and make recommendations on how to better support bereaved people. It was set up in light of the coronavirus pandemic which has resulted in hundreds of thousands of people bereaved in the past year and has also affected people’s existing bereavements.

Bereavement Commission graphic with copy "Join us to help change the conversation around bereavement"

Policy roundtable

A wide range of stakeholders attended the roundtable from across many sectors including Sue Ryder, Marie Curie, Cruse Bereavement Care, the National Bereavement Alliance, Co-op Funeralcare, the Department for Health and bereavement academics. Discussions centred around four policy areas:

  • Public attitudes and engagement – how employers, schools and the community could better support people who have been bereaved.
  • Practical bereavement support – supporting with administration tasks and financial support needs.
  • Infrastructure and intervention – the capacity of the sector to assess need, deliver services, and coordinate between services in order to deliver holistic support.
  • Impact of the pandemic – including the unequal impact of the pandemic on different groups of people, and innovations in practice that could provide lessons for the future.
Quote card from Heidi Travis, Chief Executive at Sue Ryder with copy "Sue Ryder welcomes the launch of the Commission on Bereavement, at a time when people need support from specialist services more than ever. We look forward to collaborating with the organisations involved to support people to get back on their feet after experiencing a bereavement."

Next steps

The Commission’s next steps will be to collect evidence on the agreed key issues. Sue Ryder will continue to contribute experiences of bereaved people and the need for specialist bereavement services providing valuable support.

Together, we are creating a national movement of kindness and helping more people get the confidence to support their loved ones through grief.

Graphic with copy "When someone has died, no one wants to talk about it"
Bianca Neumann, Head of Bereavement at Sue Ryder

Head of Bereavement

Bianca Neumann