Statement from Sue Ryder on transferring ownership of its neurological services in England to Brainkind

15 Nov 2023

Sue Ryder has transferred ownership of its neurological services in England to Brainkind, formerly The Disabilities Trust.

Heidi Travis, Chief Executive of Sue Ryder, said:

“For 70 years Sue Ryder has supported people through the most difficult times of their lives by providing expert, compassionate care to people living with palliative care needs, the loss of a loved one, or a neurological condition.

“Whilst we have so much to be proud of, spreading our focus across palliative, neurological and bereavement support has become increasingly challenging.

“Our aim is and always has been to provide more care for more people and so we undertook an in-depth review of each of our three service areas to identify where we could scale up our work to support even more people across the UK.

“Following the review, we took the decision to focus our strategic direction and growth on palliative and bereavement support and divest our neurological services.

“Brainkind support people with acquired brain injuries, physical disabilities and other neurological conditions and the acquisition of Neurological Care Centre The Chantry, Neurological Care Centre Lancashire and  Neurological Care Centre Stagenhoe feels like a natural extension to the services they already provide.”

To find out more about Brainkind, please visit their website.

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