Overall mortality rates are improving but for neurology, things are getting worse

Today (Wednesday 28 Feburary 2018) sees the release of important new research into mortality and neurological conditions by Public Health England, Deaths associated with neurological conditions in England 2001 to 2014.[1] 

This research looked at the numbers of deaths where a neurological condition was recorded on the death certificate, and used this as a way to examine trends in mortality. 

The new report found that mortality rates for neurological conditions have been increasing in recent years, in contrast to the trend for deaths in general. 

In 2001, 23,051 people died with a mention of a neurological condition on their death certificate and by 2014, this had increased to 31,925 - an increase of 39%. In contrast, deaths from all causes fell by 6% over the same time period. 

Are people with neurological conditions being left behind?

When it comes to improvements in mortality, this research suggests that people with neurological conditions are being left behind. Unfortunately, the bleak picture painted by this research matches up with what we have heard from other reports: people with neurological conditions report some of the worst outcomes among all long term conditions, [2] face serious challenges accessing support, [3] have to deal with services that “are not consistently good enough, [4] and are being supported by a health system that is not sufficiently prioritising neurological conditions.[5] 

These findings should act as a wake-up call for the health system to do better for people with neurological conditions. 


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