Challengers, ready...

This coming weekend of 9th and 10th September, seven brave participants will be taking part in a Bear Grylls-style survival weekend, Challenge the Wild, in aid of Sue Ryder Dee View Court.

Ahead of their 48 hours of trekking, camping and beastie-eating (although, hopefully not!), Dee View Court's Capital Appeal Manager Emma caught up with some of the team…

What inspired you to take part in Challenge the Wild?

David Paterson: Just before the summer holidays, I helped my kids combat their fear of the high ropes. It wasn't easy by any means - they were close to giving up and going home, but I didn't want that to happen because I knew that as soon as they got over the fear they'd love it and it would give them a massive confidence boost. I was right: now they love the high ropes! It was around this time that I saw the Challenge the Wild event and thought it was time to lead by example and push myself to try some new things.

Claire Butter: I needed some motivation to get fit and off the couch! I also love The Island with Bear Grylls but, seeing as I can't go away for a month, I felt that two days at Loch Tay would be the next best thing. Above all else, I'm helping a great cause!

Ewan Dow: Many ways of raising funds for charities tend to be similar, but Challenge the Wild stood out as something different. Not only does it raise funds in a novel and imaginative way, but it also challenges the people taking part. Sue Ryder is, in my eyes, one of the lesser known national charities that makes a direct impact to those living with neurological conditions - nowhere more so than at Dee View Court.

What are you looking forward to most during the weekend?

David: Most of the activities and the experience of taking part. I'm sure it's also going to be fun.

Claire: Challenging myself physically and mentally, and having a good laugh with old friends - and newly made friends!

Ewan: Re-living my youth! I am a Queen's Scout holder and in my teens regularly took part in a variety of outdoor pursuits, which I loved. However, time restraints in my 20s have made me a stranger to the joys of the Scottish outdoors!

And the least?

David: Trekking over 30K! This is by far my least favourite activity and, being honest, I missed it from the list when I was signing up. Too late now!

Claire: Spiders!

Ewan: Freezing cold water! Actually, long distance walks were never a favourite of mine so that could be my least favourite thing too.

Do you have any other experience of outdoor pursuits?

David: I've been camping a couple of times with the kids but we normally end up in the local Chinese. We walked up Bennachie for the first time this summer - that counts, doesn't it?

Claire: I would say I'm an outdoorsy person. I love camping and do a lot of walking when I can.

Ewan: I've climbed several Muntos, completed a few canoeing proficiency courses and taken part in rock climbing, though they were all about 25 years ago.

What does it mean to you to support Sue Ryder Dee View Court's Capital Appeal?

David: I wasn't previously aware of Sue Ryder, so when I looked into what the charity does I found it amazing. The care it provides is helping a lot of people, but they could be helping so many more. I know the figure that needs to be raised is massive but every little helps. When the extension is finished, I'll always remember that the little bingo night we organised and that me, running about in the woods, helped raise the funds.

Claire: What Sue Ryder Dee View Court does for people is truly amazing. The stories of some of the people they have helped are incredible. With the extension, they can help a lot more people.

Ewan: I know that the money raised won't just be used in the short term, but that I'm contributing to the longevity of Sue Ryder and potentially changing the lives of many people.

Who is your hero?

David: My wife. This is by far the safest answer I can come up with! The fact that she has put up with my rubbish jokes, loud chewing and amazing singing for the years that she has makes her deserving of the title.

Claire: B Dodds.

Ewan: Neil Simpson is my sporting hero - not because I'm an Aberdeen Football Club fan; more because his 'never give up' attitude is admirable. My other hero is my late dad Alistair, who inspired me in so many ways growing up and still does today.

Have you got what it takes to Challenge the Wild?

We're re-running the challenge next year and, if there's a big enough group of you who are keen to take part, we'll be happy to organise a date of your choosing.

Get in touch with the events team for more details or, if you'd like to support the Dee View Capital Appeal like David, Claire and Ewan, contact our Dee View Appeal team:

Emma Leiper Finlayson

Dee View Court Capital Appeal Manager

Emma Leiper Finlayson