A person rests their hand on another's clasped hands. Next to the hands is a leaflet about grief.

Authors and reviewers

Here you'll find more information about the authors and reviewers of blogs, news and support posts on our website, including their biographies and career experiences.

Bianca Neumann - Assistant Director of Bereavement
Bianca is a healthcare professional and experienced psychologist and hypnotherapist, with a demonstrated history of working in palliative care as well as hospice, hospital and healthcare industry.
Influencing team
Our Influencing team lobbies to improve palliative and bereavement support.
Dr Barbara Gale
An experienced clinical leader, Barbara has worked in end-of-life care for 40 years and is an expert content reviewer for our support pages. Her background is in nursing, palliative care and systemic family therapy.
Dr. Paul Perkins - Chief Medical Director
Dr Paul Perkins is Chief Medical Director at Sue Ryder and Consultant in Palliative Medicine.