A Sue Ryder nurse in blue scrubs arrives at a patient's house. In the background is a Sue Ryder branded car and in the foreground is the back of the person opening the front door.

How we work

At Sue Ryder, we’re passionate about giving people the quality of care they deserve. To make this possible, we have a clear vision of what we want to achieve. We operate with three organisational values.

Our vision

We want a society that supports everyone through dying and grief.

A society where the voices of people who are dying or grieving are heard, where everyone gets the care and support they need and services are integrated with the wider healthcare system.

A society where everybody can have open and honest conversations with their friends and family to help them prepare for death and where people with a life-limiting diagnosis are supported to live well in the time they have left.

Where trusted resources, information and bereavement services are accessible to everybody who needs them and where communities across the country provide compassion and support to those in need so that nobody grieves alone.

Our three goals

To help deliver our vision, we have set ourselves three key goals. These are:

  • better grief support for everyone
  • helping people who are dying to live well
  • speaking up for people who are grieving or dying.

Our values

Diagram of Sue Ryder's values and behaviours - Connected, Supportive, Impactful

More about how we work

A Sue Ryder Nurse comforting a patient and holding their hand
Our approach to quality

At Sue Ryder, we put our patients and service users at the heart of everything we do. We tailor our care to suit the individual needs of each person we care for and their families. We go the extra mile to find out what’s important to each person and support them to make their own choices.

Four healthcare professionals are stood together smiling at the camera. They are a diverse group and each has a different Sue Ryder uniform on demonstrating their role.
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at Sue Ryder

At Sue Ryder, we are committed to driving equity for all of our colleagues across the charity, and we support our staff and volunteers from underrepresented and marginalised groups to thrive as valued members of our team.

A female healthcare professional in blue scrubs is smiling at the camera.
The Gender Pay Gap at Sue Ryder

We feel that gender pay gap reporting is already helping and will continue to help tackle inequalities in the workplace.

Dcoument front cover of the Sue Ryder 'Our vision and strategy' with text beneath the title saying 'A better approach to dying and grief'

Our new vision and strategy

We are pleased to present our vision and strategy which aims to transform the experience of everyone facing dying or grief in the UK. Available in accessible, easy read and audio versions.