Our care

Sue Ryder provides palliative, neurological and bereavement support. 

Our approach is:

  • holistic: Personalising peoples care so their physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs are met.
  • inclusive: Involving and supporting the family and friends of the people we care for.
  • empowering: Giving people and their families choice and control over their care.
  • expert: Underpinned by developing, practising and sharing excellent clinical standards.
  • enduring: There for as long as people need us.
  • aspiring: Always striving to go the extra mile and do the best for each person we care for.
  • responsive: Using people’s feedback to improve what we do.

Our hospices and palliative care hubs

At Sue Ryder, our focus is on giving every person the palliative care and support they need to spend the time they have left in the way they choose. Each of our seven hospices is unique and provides a mix of services designed to provide personalised support to their local community. We offer choice, whether the people they support wish to be cared for at home or need inpatient care

Our neurological care services

For people who have life-changing conditions affecting the brain and nervous system, our neurological centres offer specialist care and support. By focusing on health, wellbeing, and what each person can do, not what they can’t, we support people to live their lives as fully as possible.

Each of our four neurological care centres are different, but they all offer long-term residential and short-stay respite care.

Our community services

Our community services help those based around our palliative and neurological care centres, as well as other communities across the UK. We offer a huge range of support to enable people to live independently at home, from practical help with things like washing, dressing and meal preparation, to paperwork and domestic tasks. Whether we’re supporting people in their own homes or through activities in the community, our focus is on quality of life – giving every person the care and support they need to live life in the way they choose.