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Virtual Solstice Saunter 2020

20th June 2020
4:35am - 9:42pm
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Take part in a virtual 5K Solstice Saunter on the day the event would have been held (Saturday 20 June 2020).

A runner dressed as a bumblebee takes on the Solstice Saunter

The Solstice Saunter, organised by the Airedale Dodgers Running Club can no longer take place at Bolton Abbey on the longest day 2020 due to coronavirus restrictions.

In its place, the club has created a virtual 5K Solstice Saunter on the day the event would have been held (Saturday 20 June 2020).

Participants can run, saunter or walk a 5K route of their choice. They must start any time after sunrise and must finish before sunset at which gives everyone a window of 17 hours 5 minutes and 32 seconds to do it in.

All those who take part will receive the much sought-after Solstice Saunter Medal 2020 and their time (if they wish) will be recorded on the virtual event leader board.

So sign up now to celebrate the Solstice in a different way for 2020 and support the care that Sue Ryder Manorlands and Wheatfields Hospice provides for people when it matters.

Please see our FAQ section which may answer any further questions you may have.

For more information, please contact either or

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Frequently asked questions

What is Airedale Dodgers?

This is a running club based at Airedale Hospital, it has members from most professions including doctors, nurses, midwives, paramedics, physiotherapists and many others who just enjoy running. (We just run for fun; the ‘Dodgers’ bit refers to us dodging out of the way of faster runners!)

I’ve already entered the Solstice Saunter, what do I need to do?

You should have already received an e-mail you with your options. If you can’t find it, please contact

Why is there an additional admin fee on top of the ticket price?

Eventbrite charges Sue Ryder a booking and payment processing fee for each ticket we sell; this admin fee covers these costs.

What's the refund policy, and full terms and conditions?

Terms and conditions

Age Issues

It is each under 18 year olds parents/guardians’ responsibility to ensure they or their children are suitability fit and healthy to take part in the event and to ensure that their children are kept safe during the event. We recommend that Under 11’s are kept within arm’s reach of a responsible adult at all times.

Running whilst carrying a child of any age (whether in a front or back baby carrier/harness, in your arms, on your shoulders or piggyback) poses a substantial safety risk and we would strongly advise against it. Walking whilst carrying a baby or child is permitted as long as their safety and welfare is not compromised.

Date and time

Participants are asked to start their 5K no earlier than sunrise, 0435 hrs on 20 June and finish no later than sunset at 2142 hrs on the same day.


Please note that we only recommend one dog per runner/walker and that the welfare of that animal remains your responsibility throughout your 5K. Please keep your dog under firm control at all times, either on a short lead or a harness with a short lead.. Dog waste must be picked up at the time. Further information and advice about running with a dog can be found on the CaniCross UK website. 

Clothing and Footwear

It is participants own responsibility to wear footwear and clothing appropriate to the nature of their chosen course and the weather on the day.

Contact Details 

Participants are personally responsible for updating the organisers with any new e-mail address and telephone details. 

Data Protection 

Please be aware that by registering you authorise Sue Ryder to process your personal and sensitive data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 for the purposes of this event.  By ticking the terms and conditions box on our registration form you agree to Sue Ryder using your personal and sensitive data for the purposes outlined above.


If you wear headphones whilst running/walking, please be aware of people around you and moving traffic.

Health and Fitness 

The event has been designed as a low risk event for the averagely-fit person, although please note that this does depend on your choice of course. All participants should satisfy themselves that they are in good health and physically able to participate and that their chosen course is within their capabilities.  If in doubt, participants should consult a doctor prior to the event.   


The Virtual (2020) Solstice Saunter is operated by Airedale Dodgers and Sue Ryder, and all participants take part at their own risk. Neither the operators nor its sponsors accept responsibility for any loss, injury or damage suffered by any participant personally or to their property as a result of taking part in the Virtual (2020) Solstice Saunter in the absence of negligence or breach of statutory duty on the part of either Airedale Dodgers, Sue Ryder or its co organisers or sponsors. 

Personal accident and public liability insurance cover is advised to cover any loss, damage or injury you may sustain yourself or to your personal property or cause to a third party or their property. Your signature on the entry form or your clicking on the box in the on line entry conforms your acceptance of these conditions of entry.  If during the event you are involved in an incident with a third party please ensure that you pass on all your details - it is not the responsibility of the event organisers.


By participating, participants agree to take part in pre and post-race publicity which may include interviews, photography and/or filming for Sue Ryder internal communications, local and/or national media. We will endeavour not to use any photographs, images or likenesses of children aged 16 or under. 

Personal Safety

As the event is unsupervised and participants choose their own course, it is each participant’s own responsibility to ensure their chosen course is safe and to look after their own safety whilst taking part. When you set out the complete the 5k please advise others what you are doing and your intended route. Please ensure you have with you any medical alert device and/or any medicines you may require (e.g. inhaler). 

Changes to Event 

The organisers reserve the right to cancel the event and/or make changes to the advertised start and finish times.  This will only be done in extreme circumstances beyond the organisers control (e.g. a change to government advice). Any changes will be advertised prior to the event. 


The entry fee for the Virtual (2020) Solstice Saunter is non-transferable and non-refundable. 


Whilst Sue Ryder has a comprehensive risk assessment process it is unable to risk assess each participant’s individually chosen course. By taking part in this event, you acknowledge that there may be conditions or circumstances beyond our control that can lead to unforeseen risks.


Safety is the top priority for your chosen route. Wherever possible road walking/running should be avoided. The route should avoid passing through a crowded area. The possibility that public parks may become crowded should be considered.


Every participant must fill in their own registration form unless:
The person completing the form is doing so as the parent or guardian of a participant aged under 18 in which case the parent or guardian must inform the participant that they have signed the terms and conditions on their behalf and that their participation in the event will be governed by these terms. 

The person completing the form has or reasonably believes that they have the participant’s consent to their doing so on the participant’s behalf. The person completing the form must make the participant aware of these terms and conditions in good time before the event. In the event that the participant does not agree to be bound by these terms and conditions they should withdraw from the event. Participation in the event shall be deemed to be acceptance of these terms and conditions by the participant.

Smoking and Alcohol 

Smoking or consuming alcohol during the event is discouraged.


The Virtual Solstice Saunter is an exclusive Sue Ryder fundraising event. Sponsorship monies raised may not be given to or shared with any other organisation. Participants are advised that they have a legal responsibility to ensure that all sponsorship monies and donations received for the Solstice Saunter are paid to Sue Ryder within a reasonable time.

Wheelchairs and Toys

This is a foot race and, regrettably, wheeled transport such as scooters/skateboards/roller skates/ mobility scooters are forbidden.  Medical wheelchairs/ buggies/pushchairs are allowed. 

Results and Solstice Saunter Medal 

To ensure that your result is registered and that you receive your Solstice Saunter 2020 medal, on completing your 5K send an email to which gives your name, Date of birth and time taken. If you sauntered or walked and didn’t record your time send an approximation and that will let us know you completed it and you will be sent your medal. 

Participants have until 10am on 22 June to send in their result. 


  • I hereby apply to participate in this event.
  • I or my parent/ guardian accept and agree with the terms and conditions detailed above.  
  • I agree to participate in this event at my own risk.  I agree to run with consideration for others.  
  • I agree that the conditions of my entry state that I will follow the instructions given.