Tested, refurbished and upcycled goods

SAVED: tested, refurbished and upcycled by Sue Ryder 

When some might think an item is destined for landfill: that’s when our SAVED label comes to life. By injecting time, creativity and expertise, we make them usable and enjoyable once again.

From replacing the plug on an otherwise-perfect lamp, to refurbishing a washing machine with a full check, repair and clean, or upcycling a well-worn chair into a modern masterpiece – all of it has been SAVED by Sue Ryder.

Lovingly – and ethically – refurbished by our charity shop staff

Our specially trained shop staff, volunteers and selected partners use their passion and skill to turn our sort rooms into bustling hives of transformation.

That’s where the PAT-testing for safe domestic appliances takes place, or curtains are cut up to make handbags. We also work with prisoners who service second-hand bikes, making them ready for the road again.

So whether it’s a fashionista wanting one-off designs, or a family on a budget, SAVED can offer style and value in an ethical way.


Bringing SAVED to our customers represents everything we care about in one big, virtuous circle.

It gives skills and confidence to our staff and volunteers. It helps reduce the millions of tonnes of waste that go into landfill every year. It makes environmentally friendly choices available on the high street at affordable prices.

And, while the items are improving the lives of those who use them, all the money raised goes towards our incredible hospice and neurological care.

Pop into your local Sue Ryder shop and see if you can spot something that's been SAVED...

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