Our Oxford shop shows off its summer style

Oxford Cowley Road Sue Ryder

Hunting for bargains in our Oxford Aladdin's Cave

We’re over in the South East today, at the student city of Oxford. Shop staff and volunteers refer to the Oxford Cowly Road shop as their own little ‘Aladdin’s cave’ - due to the mysterious and magical surprises that can be found in-store! We couldn’t wait to have a look, and Rose volunteered to show us her own Oxford street style.

“Oxford is full of students, and at this time of year they’re all very busy studying for their end of year exams. I wanted to put together an outfit which was feminine, individual and comfortable enough to revise in. Who wants to be stuck in a boring outfit all day in the library? Not me!

“I chose this elegant full-length dress which was donated a couple of weeks ago. We have heaps of wonderful summer dresses in store right now, and with 2 dresses for £10, this only cost me £5."

Lighter, brighter style

“Summer is the time to say goodbye to your dark fabrics, and hello to brighter, lighter clothes. I added these pink wedges as they add a splash of colour - just enough to stand out. For popping outside, I think this lovely sun hat and scarf dress-up the look really nicely.

“Everything in the background was donated in-store; we have lots of beautiful leather-bound books. I love anything retro - and I know if I had the choice, I would be using this typewriter to write up my essays!”


Find your summer style

From 12-25 June, we have a special deal on women’s clothes in our shops: two tops for £5 or two dresses for £10. Head to your nearest Sue Ryder for your sizzling summer bargains!  

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