Our nurses go the extra mile - and more - to provide incredible care

Sue Ryder Nettlebed Hospice

We recently asked nurses to wear pedometers to see how far they walked during the course of their working day. Ten nurses each wore the pedometer for two weeks for the study, which showed our nurses walk an average of 19.4 miles a week.

Using this and allowing for four weeks holiday, a nurse at Nettlebed Hospice will walk an average of 932.65 miles a year. Staff nurse MaryAnn has therefore walked an incredible 28,912 miles in the 31 years she's worked at Nettlebed Hospice.

Her reaction to being told she had walked around the world was amazing. She says: “I was really surprised. I didn’t even consider how far I walked because it’s just part of my job. There was me thinking I must go do my 20 minutes of exercise and I’m doing it anyway, every day and more.”

"I never dreamed I’d walk all the way around the earth"

Nursing Assistant Jacqui has also walked around the equator. She says: “I walk to work and back, which is about a mile and a half each way, but never dreamed I’d walk all the way around the earth. I hasten to add I didn’t add that on to the pedometer! I could probably walk to the moon if I did. I was amazed! Sometimes it feels like I’ve walked that far at the end of the day when I get home and take my shoes off. I was shocked but then I felt quite proud of myself.”

Inspired? Get involved!

Why not do a sponsored walk and walk a shift for our nurses? Get in touch with the fundraising team to find out ways you can get involved. Call 01491 641384 ext. 246