Woolpack celebrates 40th anniversary appearance on Emmerdale with fundraiser for Wheatfields Hospice

Wheatfields Woolpack fundraiser

The Woolpack, Esholt is celebrating the 40th anniversary since it first appeared on Emmerdale with a series of events which will help raise money for Wheatfields Hospice.

To begin the celebrations, the pub will be selling beer at 1976 prices on Saturday 23 January between 12 noon and 3pm. Two nine gallon barrels have kindly been donated by Timothy Taylors and Moorhouse’s Brewery which will be sold at 35p per pint until they run out.

The celebrations continue in the evening with seventies fancy dress and live music by The Good Citizens.
To mark the official anniversary date, which is Tuesday 26 January, the Woolpack has created a Man versus Food Challenge where contestants are served a giant homemade Yorkshire pudding, filled with 6oz of braised steak, chicken breast, three Cumberland sausages, roast topside of beef, roast crown of turkey, home baked honey ham, stuffing, roast potatoes, creamed potatoes, four vegetables and lashings of gravy.

The challenge starts at 8pm and all participants are asked to pay for the food at cost and also donate £5 to the charity.

"We hope customers will give generously to charity”
Landlord James Downey is looking forward to a fun few days with lots of money raised for Wheatfields.
 “What better way to start the anniversary celebrations than selling beer at seventies prices?” he said.
“We only have 18 gallons so we urge people to get there early before it runs out. To make it fair we are also limiting the amount people can order each time. As we are charging so little we hope customers will give generously to charity.”

“It is great that we have also managed to get local band The Good Citizens who played at the FA Cup quarter final when Bradford played Reading last year. We are hoping that lots of people will turn up in seventies fancy dress to mark the occasion.”

"Our head chef Mark Watson came up with the Man Vs Food Challenge as he wanted to combine the anniversary with support Wheatfields Hospice as they did so much for his late mother.

“The challenge is limited to 30 people and 27 have already enrolled. It will be an amazing spectacle with a prize for the winner. We hope there will be lots of people cheering them on the Tuesday night.”

Those wishing to take part in the Man v Food Challenge should ring the Woolpack on 01274 809495.

Further details of the events are available on the Woolpack website