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Sue Ryder Manorlands Hospice Mother's Day Appeal

We at Manorlands Hospice are getting ready to make sure this Mother’s Day is special for all the mums in our care. And while cards and flowers are being exchanged our staff will be working hard to ensure the day is filled with happy memories loved ones can treasure for years to come.

We recently launched a Mother’s Day appeal to raise £8,000, enough to cover the costs of running all our care services for one day. Through your donations we can achieve this target, giving everyone in our hospice the incredible care they deserve.

Lucy Judson, 22 and her brother Ryan, 25, both know how vital the work of Manorlands Hospice is. Their mum Rachel, passed away last October due to a malignant brain tumour, and regularly attended our day therapy service to receive treatment.

"I finally felt they were treating my mum as a person"

Lucy explains: "I stopped working to care for my mum full time. She lived with a brain tumour for four years. She had to go through endless doctor appointments and scans, but it was only when we started to come to Sue Ryder Manorlands Hospice that I finally felt they were treating my mum as a person and not just another patient.

"Mum started attending day therapy at the hospice once a week. All the staff were simply wonderful. They were so caring and looked after my mum so well. Towards the end I really struggled to get mum out of the house by myself as she had reduced mobility, but this was one day a week that we would always make sure we managed. At the hospice they would do her hair, nails and this was so important to her. Can you imagine how you would feel if you were not able to wash your hair for three weeks? I was really struggling to be able to do this at home and it was such a relief to know that they could do that for her at the hospice. She always took pride in her appearance, so this really meant a lot to mum, myself and my brother.
Like Ryan and I, Manorlands’ staff cared about ensuring mum had a good quality of life. I had complete faith in the staff at the hospice. If I had any concern I would ask them any question as I knew they would take the time to investigate and help. Once, mum had terrible back pain and the doctor was keeping on prescribing pain killers without trying to find out why or what was causing the pain”.

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