Richard Littledale

Richard Littledale

Husband of patient

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Richard Littledale is the minister of Newbury Baptist Church in West Berkshire.

He and his wife, Fiona, moved to Newbury in the summer of 2016, and Fiona died while under the care of Sue Ryder in November 2017.

Richard writes books for adults and children, and broadcasts occasionally on BBC national and regional radio.

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  • The trouble with me: the impatiently bereaved

    Richard Littledale’s wife Fiona died in our care three months ago. But how long, he ponders, is grief supposed to last? “The phrase ‘These things take time’ seems like a red rag to a bull as far as Mr Shouty is concerned,” he writes, referring to his new alter-ego who “wants strength without rest and normality without delay”.
  • Alone, together: the comfort of a pet when you’re grieving

    “People often stop us on our walks, and never once do they see Richard the widower – rather, they see the tall man with the long dog and strike up a conversation," writes Richard Littledale, whose wife Fiona passed away under our care three months ago, about his new four-legged friend.
  • The physics of grief

    Even when the death of a loved one was anticipated or expected, the physical, social and emotional impact of loss can still take you by surprise. Blogger Richard Littledale, whose wife Fiona was cared for by Sue Ryder, reflects on the shock of bereavement and its knock-on effects on your life.
  • Not just another nurse

    When you’re caring for a loved one who is dying, the social care system can be overwhelming. Richard Littledale recalls how he and his late wife Fiona had a much-needed helping hand in the form of Sue Ryder Nurse Gina.