Past campaigns

We campaign for and with people who are approaching the end of their lives or are living with a long term neurological condition, so that their voices are heard and they have better access to the care they want and need.

Take a look at some of our past campaigns and discover the impact we're helping make for people living with life-limiting conditions as well as those caring for them across the UK.

Dying isn't working
Everyone should be able to choose the care that they want at the end of their life, but inequalities in accessing co-ordinated, personalised and quality care at the end of life still persist. Dying isn’t working re-examined the reasons behind this and sought to put the individual back at the heart of the end of life care policy debate. Working with Demos, we've produced two research projects exploring service journeys at the end of life.

Forgotten Millions
The Forgotten Millions: reforming social care services for people living with neurological conditions, presents an in-depth analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of local authority neurological care provision.

VAT for hospices
We wanted to highlight the inequality between charities and the NHS, as the latter is able to recover VAT on certain non-business supplies that charities are not.

Reforming social care services for people living with neurological conditions