On the Brink: The future of end of life care

2016 marks the one year anniversary of the choice review being published, yet the Government have still not responded to the report. On the Brink: The Future of end of life care is a report complied by the End of Life Care Coalition, of which we are a member, regarding the state of end of life care since the choice review was published. The report hopes to build on the work of the Choice Review, encouraging action by Government nationally and also urging real improvement in end of life care at a local level.

Focusing on just one part of end of life care – where people want to die – the report shows that the current system is failing to meet people’s wishes. Download and read the report.

We have published a press release about the report findings, and our former Assistant Director of Policy and Campaign, Preth Rao, wrote a blog about end of life care one year after the review.