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We want the Scottish Government to give people with neurological conditions the care and support they need.

Let's change neurological care in Scotland

We want everyone with a neurological condition in Scotland to receive incredible care. Yet, in reality, the care provided across Scotland is often patchy, uncoordinated and difficult to find: it is enough to make people with neurological conditions feel like they have been written off.

The Scottish Government listened to us when we published our first report into neurological care last year: it is now working with the NHS to find out how many people in Scotland have neurological conditions and where they live, so that our NHS and local authorities can then provide them with the care and support they need. Not only that, the clinical standards that govern the provision of health care for people with neurological conditions are now going to be updated and rewritten to include social care.

This time around, our new Rewrite the Future report for 2017 shows that there is still a lot of work to be done on the ground to improve care for people with neurological conditions. 

Nine of our 14 health boards have no neurological services plan; six of these health boards do not intend to come up with a plan.

49% of people with a neurological condition who are under 65 have to pay for personal care 

Care homes are very unlikely to receive any specialist neurological support – so if you have a neurological condition and are in an older people’s care home, you are unlikely to get any much-needed specialist care.

And if you are under 65 and have a neurological condition, there’s a 50% chance you will have to pay for personal care.

9 of 14 Scottish health boards have no neurological care plan

But the good news is that the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has pledged to work with us at Sue Ryder to ‘take forward’ the recommendations to improve neurological care in our report.

In fact, the Scottish Government has now committed to publishing an action plan to improve neurological care.

Working with health and social care providers, the third sector and most importantly, people with experience of neurological conditions and their families, the draft action plan is due to be published this summer (2018), ready for public consultation. This should be a major step towards better care and support for people with neurological conditions.

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A report on progress in improving specialist care for people with neurological conditions in Scotland

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