Fundraising materials

Getting started

Now that you've decided you're going to fundraise, you can get started whenever you want.

We think it’s easier to start as early as you can, so as soon as you've organised your own event, got your own place, or have been accepted for one of our charity places; start your fundraising.

We can provide lots of ideas and top tips on fundraising activities, as well as lots of information and advice to help you get the most from your event. We can also help you with getting materials sorted for your fundraising and for the big day, so get in touch to find out more.

Event posters, bunting and sponsorship forms

We have some handy event posters for you to use when promoting your event, simply download the poster you need from the list below.

Sue Ryder sponsorship form

Fundraising poster template

All-purpose event poster

Bake Sale poster

Quiz night poster

Night in poster

Sue Ryder event bunting


Fundraising tips

  • Set a high, but achievable target.
  • Download a copy of our ‘Fundraising Guide’ for loads of information and ideas.
  • Set up an online donation page.
  • Tell everyone you can think of about what you’re doing.
  • Use social media to let people know what you’re up to and get them involved.
  • Ask your company about the possibility of matched giving.
  • Contact your local fundraiser for advice and support.

Get more tips and ideas

Happy fundraising!