What is Corporate Social responsibility?

Corporate Social Responsibility, or ‘CSR’ - is the way that a company, regardless of size can demonstrate its commitment to the community it’s based in, its staff, its customers or to society as a whole.   

The best CSR strategies are built around the things a company wants to be known for beyond profit – the things that the company cares about.  This may be equality, supporting vulnerable groups, or helping people realise their potential.

There are a host of ways that a company can deliver its CSR strategy, including financial donations and volunteering.  What’s key is ensuring that thought is put into developing a CSR strategy so that it makes sense to customers, staff and the community.

Strategies are often developed by staff who are then tasked to engage the wider organisation, be that participating in a volunteering day, or voting for the next charity partner.

If you’d like help developing your CSR policy, give the Sue Ryder partnerships team a call.  We can help shape your thinking and help deliver a CSR strategy that meets your company’s needs.