Celebrating a Life

Create a celebration as unique as the person you’re remembering."

Celebrating a Life (www.celebratingalife.org) aims to bring people together to remember someone special and raise money for Sue Ryder.

Organise any event, your way

Our website makes it easy to organise a personalised event in memory of your loved one. Events can take place anytime, anywhere – in your home, your workplace, in a pub, at the beach or in the park.

You can invite just a few members of your close family or all your friends on Facebook – the type and size of the event is completely up to you. The important thing is honouring your loved one and keeping their memory alive.

Raise money for Sue Ryder

You can choose for your guests’ donations to go to any of our care centres, or to support the work of Sue Ryder generally.

Find out more

Visit www.celebratingalife.org and start organising your event today.