James, Senior Event Manager

My role at Sue Ryder is to develop a great portfolio
of events and deliver support to all those who take
part in them. Registration for an event with us comes
with membership to Team Incredible and we want to
make that worthy of the huge efforts which go in to
fundraising and training for raceday.

Thanks for joining the squad, it’s great to have you
on board. We don't just talk a good game at Sue Ryder,
where possible we take part too. I'll see you on the start
line somewhere this year.

Follow me on Twitter at @JamesWEvents
Email: events@sueryder.org

Henry, Event Fundraiser

I’ve been at Sue Ryder since June 2013 and my role is
to make sure that you have the best experience possible
as a member of Team Incredible.

I’m here to provide support you before, during, and
after events. #TeamIncredible is a great thing to be
part of, and I’m proud to have the opportunity to cheer
everyone on at so many events.

I started running at the beginning of 2016, and am
training to do the Reading Half Marathon alongside all
the fantastic members of #TeamIncredible in early 2017.

Follow me on Twitter at @HenryFEvents
Email: henry.fleming@sueryder.org