Frequently asked questions

What conditions do you look after?

We are here for people with degenerative conditions which get worse over time – such as motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s – as well as those with acquired conditions resulting from a brain or spinal injury or stroke.

How can I be referred to Stagenhoe?
We have an open referral process and can accommodate all funding options. There is no proforma referral form, but we take initial referrals by telephone as ‘Enquiries for Care’.

Please call us on 01438 871215.

The majority of our residents are from Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, but we also support people who are funded from London and Yorkshire. Once a formal referral is received, the clinical team arrange to make an assessment visit.

Download our 'Relatively Speaking’ booklet which we share when we undertake assessments. This gives an outline of what to expect of the service and answers many of the general questions which tend to be asked most frequently.

How much will care cost at Stagenhoe and what funding is available?
The cost of care is dependent on an individual assessment. Our care will generally be more expensive than a general older person’s nursing home due to the more complex disabilities and quality of life needs of a younger age group which requires a higher staff and therapy team input. Where individuals are not eligible for continuing health care funding, the majority of other people needing our care are joint funded by the local authority and CCG. We also accept private self-funding individuals.

Can I personalise my own room?
Yes of course. All of our rooms are very individual to those residents living in them. You are welcome to bring in items of furniture, furnishings and equipment as long as it can be accommodated within your room and meets health and safety requirements.

What is the food like?

We have on-site catering and provide a range of hot and cold meals, including daily vegetarian options. Menus work on a rotation system and due to our person-centered focus we are happy to cater to intolerances and dietary requirements. If you have any special dietary needs please raise these with a member of staff before becoming a resident so we can ensure your needs are met.
Download a sample menu