Meet the people we're helping

We could talk more about the numbers, goals and plans for Dee View Court. But our vision really comes to life when you hear the ways that real people’s lives have been changed – both by their conditions and their experiences of Dee View Court.

Meet Heather

A busy mum with two children and a job as a nurse, which she loved, Heather was your average 30-something woman. But then she noticed a gradual deterioration in her health. Her legs weren’t as strong, and she couldn’t make her body do what she wanted it to do.

As time passed, the symptoms worsened and, following a number of trips to her GP and Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Heather was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

It was the start of a lengthy ordeal for the once-energetic woman, which saw her confined to a wheelchair, before she was offered respite treatment in a care home.

At that stage, she was just in her early 40s: “I was much younger than the other residents," she recalls. “There wasn’t a lot for me to do there, so I ended up spending time helping the staff with the other residents."

Moving forward

By now, Heather’s children were grown up and her daughter had moved to Blackpool and started a family of her own. It was a difficult situation for everybody, but she gained some hope when, in March 2009, she moved into Sue Ryder Dee View Court  

“I loved it from the moment I got here," she says. "Everyone is very friendly and there is always someone to help you if you need them. 

“I get physiotherapy, which helps me feel better. But there are other activities, such as a dancing, a book group, and baking."

"I'm fortunate to be here"

“I know I am so fortunate to be here and I feel sorry for the people who can’t get a place in a specialist centre like this. People here really understand MS, and understand my needs. If you can get into a place like this, then I really think it helps 100%.

"I feel I am special because I am here," she adds. "Just because you’ve got MS, it doesn’t mean that life is over. You’ve got to live your life and I have still got a lot of living to do!"

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