Frequently asked questions

What are the visiting times?
There are no set vising times - patients can choose when they welcome visitors so it may be helpful to call before you set off.

Can I have flowers and photos?
Visitors are welcome to bring flowers for patients - our volunteers love arranging them. Feel free to display photos and favourite ornaments in your room.

Can my children/grandchildren visit me at Thorpe Hall?
Yes. Children are more than welcome to visit you during your time at Thorpe Hall. We have toy boxes available, family areas for them to spend time and they are welcome to play in the gardens too. Our family support team can offer support to youngsters if you feel it would help them to share their thoughts and feelings about having a loved one stay at the hospice.

Do you have internet access?
Each room has wi-fi internet access. You and your visitors are welcome to bring mobile phones and other electronice devices.

Can my pet visit?
Yes. Dogs and cats are always very popular visitors to Thorpe Hall and are guaranteed to receive lots of fuss and attention from staff, volunteers and visitors while they are here.

What parking is available at the hospice?
We have free car parking available at Thorpe Hall.

How can I refer a patient to the hospice?
Patients can be referred by their GP, consultant or other healthcare professional. If you think we can help you or someone close to you please call us and we’ll be pleased to answer any questions.

What is the average length of stay at the hospice?
The average length of stay at Thorpe Hall is 10 days, but the length of your stay will vary on your own personal requirements. We can't offer long-term care although you may have several admissions over a period of time. We'll talk to you about ongoing care.

If I come to the hospice does that mean I will die there?

No. As far as possible, we believe in giving every patient the choice to make their own decision about where they die. Some patients may prefer to remain at Thorpe Hall, others may prefer to go home once we have their symptoms under control and their pain carefully managed. Others may choose to be discharged to a nursing home. Our team will work with you and your loved ones to help you make the right decision for you at the right time.

Do I have to live in Peterborough to come to Thorpe Hall?
No you don’t. We take patients from across Cambridgeshire, South Lincolnshire, Rutland, East Leicestershire, West Norfolk and East Northamptonshire.

Do patients have to pay?

No. We are a charity delivering free care to all our patients and support to their families. We rely on the generosity of supporters to help raise the funds we need to continue providing care.

Does the hospice just treat people with cancer?
No, we offer our services to anyone who needs end of life or palliative care. That includes cancer and non-cancer patients – such as those with advanced kidney problems, heart failure or pulmonary disease.

Is there an age limit on people you admit?

We can admit patients aged from 16 years - there is no upper age limit.

Can I have a private room?

Yes, All of our 20 rooms are private and have en suite shower and toilet facilities. We have three bedrooms which can be opened up into one if required.

I’m in a wheelchair, is that a problem?
No. All our rooms are fully accessible for wheelchairs. There is also lift access to patient areas on the West Wing.

Do I have to provide my own food?
Thorpe Hall has a kitchen and meals are prepared and cooked on the premises. We provide three meals a day – with three choices for lunch and two for supper. Snacks including sandwiches, cakes, soup and cereals available around the clock. Visitors are welcome to bring in their own food, and can use our Coffee Shop which is open for light lunches Monday to Friday.

Can I visit before I decide whether to come to Thorpe Hall?

Of course you can. We want you to make the right choice for your care, and you're welcome to visit and ask as many questions as you like before deciding whether to ask for a referral to Thorpe Hall. If you wish to arrange a visit please call us on 01733 225900.

Can my family stay with me overnight?

Yes. We are open for visiting around the clock and family members are welcome to stay with you if you would like. There is a relatives room which can be booked for families to stay in overnight if available.

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