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Education and training at Thorpe Hall Hospice

Our palliative and end of life care education and training promotes high quality care for patients and their carers. Sessions take place both internally, for staff and volunteers working at the hospice, and externally for health and social care professionals working both locally and nationally.

We run training sessions on a variety of subjects, and provide high quality clinical training placements for students from different disciplines, including medicine, allied health professions and nursing.

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 Human rights in end of life
Understand your legal duties under the Human Rights Act and develop your confidence in applying human rights in practice to ensure the delivery of dignified and compassionate end of life care. Tuesday 9 Jan 2018 10.30am to 4.30pm Free (limited places)

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Please note: We are not currently offering any other courses to external candidates – concentrating instead on the education needs of our clinical staff. This will be reviewed over the coming months as our new clinical educator settles into her role.

Staff development

Our staff are expected to learn and develop their skills and knowledge in order to perform to their full potential. To achieve this, we actively promote a learning and development culture. We provide an in depth induction programme for the first six months of employment, and design and deliver both formal and workplace ongoing staff training and education to support end of life care of the highest quality.


We work closely with local education and healthcare providers to co-ordinate hospice placements for student nurses and other professionals to help them improve their skills, gain specialist knowledge and experience.

Working together & partnerships

We work in partnership with universities, national organisations, community groups and care providers to deliver training and education across the Peterborough region. We welcome shared and partnership approaches to training.

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Sylvia Reid, Clinical Educator
Cathie Elliott, Administration support

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