Our approach to quality

Our approach to quality

We take an integrated approach to quality within our health and social teams. Everyday business is separated from our quality review, meaning we have an informed view when assessing the safety and the experience of individuals using our services. It also means we can effectively support our workforce to deliver compassionate, personalised care.

Each individual service has quality improvement groups looking at quality, safety and experience. These groups feed into our organisational quality structures.

The overall aims of our quality processes are to ensure that:

  • we strive for continuous quality improvement and outcomes in every individual service user experience
  • every member of staff that has contact with service users, or whose actions directly impact on care, is motivated and enabled to deliver effective, safe and compassionate personalised care

We have a Clinical Quality Team, made up of a senior experienced nurses, who support quality throughout the organisation.

The following diagram outlines our quality support processes, demonstrating how from “bedside to boardroom” we have a line of communication. This is supported by our core clinical audit programme and clinical-themed visits for each service.

Sue Ryder - our approach to quality

Our quality work is underpinned by our core organisational values:

  • doing the right thing
  • pushing the boundaries
  • making the future together

The quality team supports and leads the production of our annual quality account. The account details our achievements for each of our registered services working with the people we support and is uploaded to the NHS choices website annually.