Introducing the Work of Heart Garden

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As part of the Work of Heart Garden, 10,000 'Works of Heart' – small hand knitted or crocheted hearts – are being created.

The Work of Heart Garden is the first full-size knitted show garden installation in the world. Appearing at the RHS Malvern Spring Festival 2018, this unique attraction is being created in support of our Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court Hospice. 

The full-size 4 x 4m show garden will be lovingly made from thousands of knitted and crochet creations, raising funds and awareness for hospice care and Leckhampton Court, which is home to the only hospice with inpatient beds in the county of Gloucestershire.

The garden is the creation of Clare Young, whose husband Ken was cared for at Leckhampton Court. After being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress and anxiety following Ken’s death, Clare was encouraged to pick up knitting by her therapist as a way to help manage her symptoms.

Clare began knitting items, which she sold to help raise funds for Sue Ryder, and in spring 2017, she teamed up with a group of friends and knitters to yarn-bomb a special thank you message in the grounds of our Leckhampton Court Hospice.

A pot of knitted daffodils 

It was this knitted display that led her to receive an invitation to create a special full-size knitted garden display for RHS Malvern Spring Festival 2018 in support of Leckhampton Court.

What is a Work of Heart?

As part of the Work of Heart Garden, 10,000 ‘Works of Heart’ – small hand-knitted or crocheted hearts – are being created.

Knitted Work of Heart 

These will be made available for visitors to the RHS Malvern Spring Festival 2018 to place on trees around the Work of Heart Garden in return for a donation to Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court Hospice, making this a living and growing display over the course of the festival.

A pot of knitted lavendar 

The creation has ‘wool-balled’ with a number of community groups, organisations and knitters, who are creating a Work of Heart for the hospice charity garden.

Calling all keen knitters!

Would you like to contribute a knitted or crochet heart to the garden? Download a free pattern and grab your needles! Then, when they're ready, simply pop them in the post.

Download a knitting pattern

Download a crochet pattern

Please send your Work of Heart to: Clare Young c/o Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court Hospice, Church Road Leckhampton Cheltenham GL53 0QJ. Please note that hearts need to be received by 7th May 2018.

We would love you to share your pictures of your heart creations with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Please ensure you tag us and use the hashtag #WorkofHeartGarden too.

Visit and support the garden

You will be able to view the installation at the RHS Malvern Spring Festival, which is taking place at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern from 10th to 13th May 2018.

Book tickets to the RHS Malvern Spring Festival

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  • on 08/01/2018 19:07 Lynne Littlejohn said:

    Hi all is it possible to have a pattern to knit some hearts for your work of heart garden? Midlands Today said it was on this website! I would love to help. Regards Lynne Littlejohn.

  • on 08/01/2018 19:45 Christine Pearson said:

    Saw the episode on Midlands Today this evening. Please advise how to obtain patterns. We are residents in a new Retirement Home in Pershore and have begun a Craft Club with several keen knitters. This would be a wonderful project for us.

  • on 08/01/2018 20:51 Lynette Summers said:

    Hi Saw your article on Midlands Today. Can you please e-mail me the heart knitting pattern. I would love to help out !!

  • on 08/01/2018 21:17 Angie Hathaway said:

    Click on 'ways you can support' - the patterns are there!

  • on 08/01/2018 23:29 Richard said:

    I have a beautifully knitted gnome (which was part of a prize draw) holding a plant in a flower pot - it is a few inches tall and (I have to admit) is quite cute. He needs a home. Would you like him for your garden?

  • on 09/01/2018 13:49 Beth Davis- Community Fundraising Officer said:

    Dear all, Thank you so much for all your comments and your interest in the Work of Heart Garden. If you click the 'Ways you can support the Work of Heart Garden' button above, it will redirect you to the Work of Heart website. Scroll down to the 'Create' section and the knitting and crochet heart patterns are there. Alternatively, please visit our website directly Best wishes, Beth Community Fundraising Officer Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court Hospice

  • on 10/01/2018 14:38 Pat Francis said:

    As part of the community library's 5th Birthday celebrations last year, the Knit & Natter group who meet in the library were challenged to knit a garden. Although not life sized, there are plants in pots, birds & bees, a trellis with clematis etc. We would like to offer these to you for your garden. Delivery no problem. Group happy to knit hearts (or other things) - how many would you like?

  • on 12/01/2018 13:02 Claire Burston said:

    Hi I'm Claire the Activities Leader for a care home in Birmingham and my residents and family would like to get involved with the knitting of the hearts for your RHS Malvern Spring Festival. Is there a pattern we need to follow - size, colour etc? Please can you let me know? Yours with kindness in our hearts, Claire :-)

  • on 13/01/2018 17:35 Harriet Mitchell said:

    Hi, what size do the hearts need to be as I would love to crochet some for you? Thank you so much.

  • on 14/01/2018 14:31 Jill in Brittany said:

    Hello. I've tried out the pattern for a knitted heart and I'm puzzled by the line: "With wrong sides together, sew both pieces together." Both pieces? Does this imply we need to make two hearts and sew them together to make a double-thickness heart? If so, why are we sewing wrong sides together, not right sides together and turning inside out. Can you please contact whoever has written the pattern and ask for clarification? There is no "contact" button on the Work of Heart Garden website - although it is beautifully produced, as websites go. I'd like to knit hearts but need to know what I'm doing is correct ..... Many thanks, and all the best, Jill in Brittany (formerly of K2Togs of the Roses Theatre in Tewkesbury who are already knitting for you!)

  • on 17/01/2018 18:52 Jacqui Morris said:

    Would it be possible to have the heart pattern to work with my ladies at Westbury Court to help out? Our knitting and nattering group is due to restart and we would love to help. Regards Jacqui Morris

  • on 18/01/2018 13:04 Cherry Roberts said:

    Hi, I’m an activities coordinator in a private residential nursing home in Somerset. I’ve been so moved by this wonderful story and what a beautiful way to remember. We would really love to knit/crochet some hearts to contribute to the remembrance garden. Please would you kindly let us have a pattern for the hearts? Kind regards Cherry

  • on 28/01/2018 21:35 Moira Bellingham said:

    Hi All, what a great idea this is and I wish you well with the knitted garden and can't wait to see the finished result with all the hearts added. Just to mention the knitted heart pattern I think that Row 17 should read: K2tog, K2, K2tog. And Row19 should read: K2tog, K2tog Best wishes, I am knitting some hearts for you and will post when ready.

  • on 31/01/2018 17:32 Jeanette Pruett said:

    The knitted hearts, do you want them in stocking stich or garter stitch?

  • on 06/02/2018 15:58 Sandra Seagrave said:

    I would love the patterns for the flowers that have been knitted and would be more than willing to make a donation in return for the patterns.

  • on 06/02/2018 20:09 Sharon Booth said:

    Where can i find the patterns for the knitted pot of daffodils and the knitted pot of hyacynths kind regards Sharon

  • on 07/02/2018 10:49 Sally said:

    I would also like to knit some of these hearts, but am unable to download the pattern as I do not have Office installed. Is it possible someone could email me the instructions please? Many thanks

  • on 13/03/2018 13:06 R Taylor said:

    Hi I sent some knitted hearts to you a while back and put a note in asking you to get in touch if you need any more. I haven't heard anything so thought I would check what the situation is. Do you now have enough? Thanks

  • on 26/03/2018 19:41 Sheelagh Autef said:

    Fantastic workshop today.

  • on 21/05/2018 13:02 Jocelyn Lees said:

    The husband of a very good friend died recently and I would like to send her one of your knitted hearts in memory of him. Is it possible to have one and make a donation to Sue Ryder? Unfortunately, I am not able to use my hands to knit myself. Please advise.