Sponsor our turkey in PayPal’s first ever Turkey Dash this Christmas

Sue Ryder Turkey Dash Nurse Feathers

Nurse Feathers for the win!

This Christmas, we're joining seven other charities in PayPal’s first ever Turkey Dash!

An elite field of CGI turkeys – one representing each charity – are taking part in a fun, animated race powered by online donations. The more donations a charity receives, the faster its turkey will run.

The donation drive starts on 28th November to mark Giving Tuesday and will run nationwide for two weeks.

The final donation results will be brought to life in an animated sprint on Channel 4 during an ad break on Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast on 15th December at 8pm.

We want Nurse Feathers to be first across the line!

So how can you help? It’s simple...

Sponsor Nurse Feathers

Visit the Sue Ryder Turkey Dash page and donate what you can to boost Nurse Feathers round the track as fast as possible.

Every little helps!

Nurse Feathers for the win!

P.S. You can also share and like our Turkey Dash Facebook post and tweet to help our turkey along.

Tell your friends to support Nurse Feathers on social media.

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  • on 10/12/2017 21:07 Tony said:

    How do I race them for charity