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Local charity shop colleagues redecorate St John's Hospice quiet room

Paul, Jane and Emma in the new Quiet Room

Paul, Jane and Emma in the newly done-up Quiet Room.

St John's Hospice has a newly redecorated and refurbished Quiet Room, thanks to generous retail colleagues at the Sue Ryder shop on Ampthill Road, Bedford.

The Ampthill Road team visited the hospice back in November and shop manager Jane Todd was so moved by the work that we do at St John's that she wanted to help.

"After I visited the hospice, I couldn't sleep!" recalls Jane. "I kept thinking about how I could help, and so I thought it would be nice to offer to 'do up' the Quiet Room, which hadnt been redecorated for quite some time.

"I set out on a mission, and with lots of local help from In2Beats Radio Station, we set up an appeal.  Everyone was so generous locally that very soon we had paint, chairs, pictures and curtains - all donated!" she says.

"I wanted families to have somewhere nice to sit and reflect"

Jane and her colleague Emma, with husband Paul in tow, came along last weekend in their own time and redecorated the whole room.

We now have a beautiful area for our St John's patients' families to sit and have some quiet time away from the ward.

"I know how it feels to receive bad news," says Jane, "and I wanted to make sure that families using the hospice had somewhere nice to sit; to be able to reflect on what's going on in their lives."

"The new room has given us all a lift"

The nurses at St John's are thrilled to bits with the changes, and just this morning there is a family making good use of the space.

"The new room has given all of us a lift at the hospice," says Head of Fundraising Shirley Scotcher. "To know that so many people care and want to help is a great feeling for a Monday morning!"

Thank you Jane, Emma and Paul!

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