Weight loss scores pounds for Thorpe Hall Hospice

Pat Drake celebrates his weight loss with trainer Richard Kellett

Pat Drake (left) celebrates his weight loss with trainer Richard Kellett (right)

Supporter Pat Drake had an extra incentive to stick to his weight loss plan – if he fell short of his target he had to pay a cash forfeit to his chosen charity, Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall Hospice.

Inspired by our hospice’s 'Just One Thing' fundraising campaign, Pat pledged to turn his diet into a charitable money spinner. Keen to lose seven kilograms – around a stone in weight – Pat promised to donate £250 to the hospice if he hit his target within seven weeks.

Then he went one step further in an effort to stay on his fitness track and promised that, if the scales didn’t reach the magic number, he would donate £500.

"I had already lost some weight and had taken part in Dry January and continued alcohol free through February," Pat said. "I just needed that extra little push to stick to the weight loss plan. When I saw the Thorpe Hall Hospice campaign asking people to do Just One Thing to raise money, it seemed like the incentive I needed."

How he did it

Pat used a combination of techniques to help him towards his target, working with a trainer Richard Kellett at the gym, counting calories and using a fitness tracker to keep pace with his activity levels.

He said: "I snacked on fruit, steered clear of high-calorie foods and stuck to my training.

"A neighbour of mine was offered a bed at Thorpe Hall Hospice, but sadly died before he could be admitted," he explained. "But the hospice is there for so many people that supporting them felt like something that would be appreciated by my friend’s family."

When it came to his final weigh-in, Pat, who’s 64 and works in a private family office, was delighted to have beaten his target, dropping 7.8kg in seven weeks.

"I was more than happy to hand over the £250 I had promised to Thorpe Hall and a little relieved it wasn’t £500 - although of course it’s such a good cause!" he said. He’s now set himself the goal of losing another 14kg before the end of the year.

"My charity weight loss got me on the right track – now it’s slow and steady for the rest of the year!" he added.

Could you follow in Pat's footsteps?

What's more, Pat has promised ongoing support – he’s happy to sponsor others who may wish to take on the weight loss challenge for Thorpe Hall Hospice.

If you need fundraising inspiration or support, Thorpe Hall’s fundraising team would be delighted to hear from you. Call 01733 225 999 or...

Email thorpe.fundraising@sueryder.org


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