Sue Ryder at the English Party Conferences

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Part One: Introduction and the Liberal Democrats

Party conference season has well and truly begun, with Parliamentarians decamping from Westminster for a few weeks to conference venues across the country. The Liberal Democrats have headed to Bournemouth, Labour will be heading to Brighton, and the Conservatives will be holding their conference in Manchester.

The party conferences see members of the different parties get together to set out and discuss their plans for the country, reflect on the direction of their party - and to share all the latest gossip. They are also a really important opportunity for other people and organisations to engage.

Our conference plans

At Sue Ryder we follow all the party conferences with interest to see what they reveal about the plans of the different parties, and what these would mean for people at the end of life or people with neurological conditions.

In addition to keeping track of new developments, the conferences are also an opportunity for engaging with politicians and other stakeholders. We will be bringing our giant ball of wool to the Conservative Party Conference and will be raising awareness of our online community.

What has happened so far?

For health, perhaps the most eye-catching proposal at the Lib Dem conference was the idea of increasing the funding for the NHS through a raise in income tax targeted specifically towards the NHS. Other key themes were an emphasis on the importance of mental health services and social care.

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