What nursing means to me

Sue Ryder nurses day

Sue Philips, Ward Maganer at Leckhampton Court Hospice

Sue Phillips is Ward Manager of our in-patient care unit nestled in the Cotswold foothills. This International Nurses Day she is sharing her nursing story.

Sue has worked at Leckhampton Court for almost 14 years, and currently manages our team of 22 Registered Nurses and 16 Nursing Assistants. She will often be seen working alongside the nursing team caring for patients and supporting families.

Unrivalled job satisfaction

“Having contact with patients, families and being alongside nursing staff is vital to my role. Our job is about caring for people and it is being with people I gain most job satisfaction.

“I always wanted to be a nurse. Back then it was every little girl’s dream and I remember one Christmas getting a full nurses uniform.”

Sue trained as a nurse at Guys Hospital, London, and worked as a midwife, surgical nurse and sister and then matron of a local family run care home. When she saw the advert for a Ward Sister at Leckhampton Court she came for a visit, “I had heard of Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court through previous roles but I had never been up there.

“Coming up the drive I was met by this most spectacular building coupled with a real sense tranquillity. I knew straight away that I wanted to be here and I have worked full time here ever since.”

Making a real difference to patients and families

In the first few years Sue found it hard to understand what her role meant for local families. It was only whilst at an event she was approached by a lady who had lost her husband Sue had cared for that she really understood.

“The lady told me she had never forgotten me and what I had done for her and her husband. She said every year when she remembered his passing she would think of me too and that was incredibly touching. It is like being a midwife – for those vital few moments what you are doing is so important for families. It is a privileged position to be in.

“Leckhampton Court is a caring, peaceful place and I feel we make a positive difference to people’s lives at what is one of the most difficult of times. Our role is to make people feel at peace, feel welcomed and safe.”

Reaching out to offer support

“When a new member of the nursing team joins us I tell them to be brave enough to reach out to people, make sure they listen to them and to watch what is going on so they can meet people’s needs. Communication is vital in our job. We need to be tuned into everyone’s individual needs.

“Everyone who walks through our door matters and we have one chance to get our patients’ and their families’ wishes right.

‘When you overhear family talking to each other in the patient’s lounge discussing the wonderful building and what a warm welcome they have received from everyone here I know we are doing a good job.

“I love my job. I am just so grateful and so lucky to be able to do what I do. I am not sure if I found nursing or nursing found me.”

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