Help us Rewrite the Future of neurological care in Scotland

Rewrite the Future

We recently launched our Rewrite the Future campaign in Scotland to raise awareness towards the inequalities in Scotland's neurological care and call on MSPs and candidates to support us in making a difference. Elinor Jayne, Policy and Public Affairs Manager - Scotland, looks back over the last seven days since launch.

What a difference a week makes. Last Monday saw the launch of our Rewrite the Future campaign and all week we made the case to end inequalities for people with neurological conditions in Scotland. This saw over 1000 emails sent by people across Scotland to their candidates standing in May’s Scottish Parliament elections, over 30 candidates have now signed our campaign pledge, and we lobbied MSPs and candidates at an event in the Scottish Parliament. And on Thursday the First Minister was pressed by MSPs of all parties to act on the recommendations in our report. Indeed she responded by saying Sue Ryder is making a “lot of important and legitimate points” and said moves were already underway to review the clinical standards for people with neurological conditions. So, it’s safe to say, we are already having an impact! If you’d like to see for yourself what was said, check out this video and watch from 21 minutes in.

We know from our own experience that the difference made for people with neurological conditions by specialist care and support is huge. And that’s why we are campaigning – with your support – to make this a reality for everyone with a neurological condition in Scotland. We’re going to build on the success of our first week to get as many candidates to support our campaign as possible, and then we’ll work with all of those elected in May to put pressure on the Scottish Government to lead the way and rewrite the future for people with neurological conditions.

Our Rewrite the Future campaign