Help us provide "outstanding" care this Mother's Day

Wheatfields Hospice Mother's Day

We at Wheatfields Hospice are getting ready to make sure this Mother’s Day is special for all the mums in our care. And while cards and flowers are being exchanged our staff will be working hard to ensure the day is filled with happy memories loved ones can treasure for years to come.

We recently launched a Mother’s Day appeal to raise £11,000, enough to cover the costs of running all our care services for one day. Through your donations we can achieve this target, giving everyone in our hospice the incredible care they deserve.

"The absolute imperative was always the patients"

Lesley Saville shared her thoughts with us about the care her Mum, Mavis, received at Sue Ryder Wheatfields Hospice: "The hospice staff was astonishing. I was hugely impressed by their professionalism. When they said they would be available they were. When we asked to see the facilities it was set up to suit us. The overall impression we were left with was mum was known as an individual and would be treated as such, and as a family our needs would also be looked at individually.

"Through our phone calls and visiting mum at the hospice, we quickly understood Wheatfields Hospice was a place where the absolute imperative was always the patients. For the family there was always the time to answer questions, make sure we understood what was happening and more importantly why any medication/action was being taken. The thing which surprised us and members of other families we spoke to was the laughter and joy. Everyone has a smile on their face and actually that is precisely what is needed.

Wheatfields Hospice Mother's Day

Mavis with her family

Outstanding care and compassion

"Coming from a business background I know it is very difficult to get an organisation to revolve around a single objective, not so at Wheatfields it was clear that the single focus for the staff was the patient and everything was done to make their final days as comfortable and ironically as happy as possible. The whole experience was all about the patient and offering a personalised approach. For me this was the small things like the chef Norman who used to come in every day to ask “what do you want today” he never said "this is what is on the menu" through to the volunteers always smiling, always happy to help with anything.
"With the nursing staff the quality of care was outstanding and we were always clear about who was looking after mum.
"Sue Ryder Wheatfields Hospice gave us and mum what she wanted for the end of her life which was to be pain free, peaceful and to have us with her. Wheatfields Hospice made this possible as we were allowed to be with mum for as long as we wanted day or night. They helped to remove the fear of dying for her and us and actually allowed us to laugh, drink champagne (true) and smile much more than we thought possible.

"You make the last days full of care, compassion and smiles."

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