Working together to spread the word about Sue Ryder

Morrisons Community Champion Sue Ryder

Emma works at Morrisons in Banbury and is one of our Community Champions. During her time in the role she has played a hands of role in helping Banbury's local community raise money for Sue Ryder. Here she talks about her time as a Community Champion.

“Working alongside our local Sue Ryder shop means we can work together to spread the word about Sue Ryder"

“I’ve worked at Morrisons for almost eight years and I am proud to be a Community Champion. I love my Champion role as I’m passionate about helping our local community in Banbury and helping to raise money for Sue Ryder, our national charity partner.

"My colleagues and I have organised all sorts of Sue Ryder fundraisers from tea parties and tombolas, to fancy dress days and static bike rides. Most recently I have also been volunteering in our local Sue Ryder shop. I really enjoy it – it’s helped me to understand more about the charity and I also got to meet lots of lovely Sue Ryder volunteers and customers.

Supporting our shops

"I’ve always been in contact with the shop since we took on the Sue Ryder partnership in 2014. The store manager, Jackie and I have built a strong relationship and the shop often help by donating books, teddies and gift sets for our various Morrisons fundraisers. Jackie even came to support our recent Communi-Tea Party!

"I love the Sue Ryder shops. I’ve always seen them in a different league to other charity shops as the things for sale are always in such good condition - you forget they’re second hand! They are always treasures to find like guitars and unique birthday gifts.

"Working alongside our local Sue Ryder shop means we can work together to spread the word about Sue Ryder in our community and nationwide, to both Morrisons and Sue Ryder customers.

"I have lots of things planned to help Sue Ryder this year, too many to mention! This month I’m holding a football fundraiser to promote the Euros and I’m planning to hold ‘Morrisons Got Talent’ to showcase all the local talent in my community to run alongside celebrating the Queens official 90th birthday.”

"I’m so proud of all the amazing work Morrisons have done over the last two years to raise money for Sue Ryder, and if I ever stop being Community Champion I would love to work in a Sue Ryder shop!"