Everyone starts somewhere - my Half Marathon journey

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Our Event Fundraiser Henry may have only just started running, but he’s already committed to running the 2017 Reading Half Marathon for Sue Ryder. Brave man…

At the start of 2016 I decided that I needed to do something about my level of fitness. Until this year, I was convinced that I wasn’t built for running. I’d bought a pair of running shoes a few months before and tried and failed several times to start off a regular routine of getting out of the flat and getting some miles under my belt.

Between Christmas 2015 and New Year, I decided that as of the first of January, it was going to be a ‘New Year, New Me’ (as clichéd as that has come to be). Obviously you don’t transform in to a good (or even average) runner overnight, and I put a lot of effort in at the gym to start shedding the pounds. As the number on the scales decreased I found that even the idea of going for a run wasn’t as horrifying as it used to be.

I even signed up to run the 2017 Reading Half Marathon for Sue Ryder, so now there’s no turning back.

Maintaining motivation (with a little help)

My girlfriend was the one who spurred me on to get out and run, and she was patient with me as I slowly got through 1k, then 2k, then 3k over the course of a couple of months. This in itself was a massive improvement for me. In late 2015 I could barely manage 400 metres.

In late April and throughout May we were regularly running 4 to 5 kilometres together in a south London park. These runs varied from feeling horrendous to great. One day we went out and did 6.5k. That was the boost I needed. With a couple of extra short runs under my belt since then, last weekend we got out and just about got through 10k round a muggy Clapham Common.

My legs ached for days afterwards and I’m learning a lot about my feet (my left one is rather different to my right) but more importantly, I’ve realised I rather like running!

Join Henry in Team Incredible

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