Leadership Alliance for the Care of Dying People

Leadership Alliance for the Care of Dying People

In late 2012 the Government asked Baroness Neuberger to carry out a review of the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) following a number of reported misuses of it. In her report she called for a coalition of regulatory and professional bodies to lead the way in creating and delivering the knowledge base, education, training and skills and the long-term commitment needed to make high quality care for dying patients a reality.

The Leadership Alliance for the care of Dying people (LACDP) was established by NHS England in July 2013 to respond to the recommendations and Sue Ryder were invited to join.

Sue Ryder's role

Sue Ryder is proud to be a member of the LACDP as we continue our commitment to improving quality end of life care. As a member of the LACDP, we are convening workshops this autumn to engage with the public and professionals to improve end of life care. You're welcome to come along and have your say. Please read our flyer for more information about how to attend a workshop.

Have your say

The LACDP is keen to hear your views around the advice that is given to health and care professionals, regarding the care people should receive in the last days or hours of life. Please take a moment to complete the LACDP Engagement Survey.

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Further Reading

If you would like to read more about the LACDP, further information is available on the NHS website.

Read the Neuberger review