Dying isn't working

Everyone should be able to choose the care that they want at the end of their life.

The system has lost sight of the individual when it comes to their care at the end of life and the current model is unsustainable.

Inequalities in accessing co-ordinated, personalised and quality care at the end of life still persist. Individuals and their families remain unsupported at the most life changing and emotionally challenging time.

Dying isn’t working re-examines the reasons behind this and seeks to put the individual back at the heart of the end of life care policy debate.

Our project with Demos

To launch Dying isn’t working we worked with Demos on two research projects.

Ways and means explores the service journey at the end of life. 

This is the first time this has been examined from an individual’s perspective. The report identifies some of the key drivers of poor service journeys and gives important insight into the inequalities in end of life care. 

A time and a place for the first time identifies what people want and preferences they prioritise at the end of life, how they associate these with different places of death and how perceptions of care differ. 

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