Stephen's journey to Downing Street

Our campaign for dedicated palliative care

Over the past year we have been campaigning to ensure dying people and their carers have immediate access to dedicated 24/7 expert support from a helpline, and co-ordination when they are dying.

We have had a great response to the campaign with over 47,000 people signing the petition that we have recently delivered to Downing Street.

One of those who joined us in taking this issue to the heart of Government was Stephen Lock. Stephen first came into contact with Sue Ryder when his wife Bea was given the news that not only had her breast cancer returned but it was terminal.

Soon after receiving the news, a palliative care nurse asked Bea "what is important to you Bea?" Bea responded, "I want this to be as good as possible for my children and I want to die at home."


Here is Stephen recounting in his own words how vital access to dedicated 24/7 support is.

Stephen describes how a "well drilled people’s army went into action to make Bea’s wishes possible." According to Stephen a "co-ordinated team of medical staff and support services worked to prepare for Bea’s homecoming."

Once at home the Sue Ryder Manorlands Hospice at Home Team visited as and when requested by Stephen. Stephen also kept the Airedale Gold Line number in his pocket at all times as a "one stop shop for any questions I had." Stephen described how he was able to seek advice, around the clock, on anything from when to change Bea’s drug dosage to how to get an out-of-hours GP to what to expect when someone dies.

Our Dying Doesn’t Work 9 to 5 campaign continues to fight for people like Stephen and Bea ensuring they receive the round the clock support needed to die in a place of their choosing with much needed suppport for their carers and love ones.